Investing in Silver Mountain Resources allows you to be a part of one of the key industries driving the global economy. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal. The technology sector is growing at a record pace, and with the rise of electric vehicles, silver miners will need to keep up with the surging demand. As renewable energy moves to the forefront for many government entities, AgMR investors will benefit from the need for silver in the following areas:

  • clean and renewable energy 
  • solar panels
  • smartphones and computers
  • battery operated electronics
  • industrial fabrication
  • electrical components
  • jewellery

Silver Mountain Resources is committed to ESG, using cutting-edge technology to support responsible and sustainable mining practices as we work towards becoming an industry-leading silver producer. The company plans to re-start production at the Reliquias underground mine and undertake exploration activities at its highly prospective silver camps at the Castrovirreyna Project, taking advantage of the current on-site infrastructure.


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